About VIA

VIA Center for Plastic Surgery is one of the most important and prestigious centers in the Kingdom that deals with health and beauty. Since the establishment of the center in 2010 we seek at VIA to provide the highest levels of service and care in the field of plastic surgery and surgery. By providing a comprehensive range including: cosmetic operations, skin problems treatment, laser treatment center, skin care and body. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are closely associated with our auditors with a solid relationship of trust, including continuous care and follow-up, which is important after any cosmetic procedure.

Our doctors are certified and have many internationally recognized qualifications and certificates. They have performed many successful cosmetic procedures over the years. * Our focus is on integrating science and medical and practical experience with what our doctors have for creative touch.

Our goal: To achieve the highest standards of excellence and our desire to always reach the top in the field of dermatology and plastic surgery between the countries of the region and the Middle East, where we recently opened our clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates

Our vision: To provide the best and highest services of dermatology and plastic surgery in accordance with the needs and wishes of our auditors in a special atmosphere and provide a sincere and sincere advice to help our reviewers to make decisions in their cosmetic procedures.

Day Surgery Center: One day surgery department is fully equipped to the highest standards and standards of medical, high-end, safe and comfortable, where we center operations to conduct our cosmetic operations under the support of an expert of doctors and nurses and the highest specifications to ensure the safety and comfort of our dear auditors.