acne scar removal

In November 26, 2019 6:36 pm


For the impact and pits left by acne on the face is one of the most difficult skin problems faced by a dermatologist in the clinic .. We have always called as dermatologists the need and importance of starting to treat acne immediately before leaving these pits and scars .. On the other side Malolol available and modern Drilling? In fact, there are several techniques that help to improve this problem, ranging from laser and scar surgery and plasma with derma bin and injection also after the scar
What is the best solution to remove these holes? In fact, we can not say there is a single solution, it is possible to develop a plan involving more than a technique and stages studied by the doctor .. Perhaps the most famous of these solutions is laser, which gives varying results depending on drilling and scar and depth and skin color .. Therefore, the results also vary Depending on these factors, some cases get excellent results up to 70% improvement and some to 30% only
– Appropriate treatment chosen by the doctor depending on the case

– The result is not possible to determine a certain percentage of all cases

– 100% result can not be obtained in all cases

The above mentioned also applies to the treatment of surgical scars, where the result of improvement depends on the size of the scar and its visibility and skin color and procedures vary between laser and surgery and silicon plasters