Cosmetic, Regenerative & Functional Gynecology

In December 8, 2019 7:47 pm

Motherhood is a dream for every girl, but with the repeated pregnancy and with the development of age, many women tend to be dissatisfied with the changes that occur to their bodies as they age or give birth, especially the changes that occur to their genitals, especially if they have many natural births.

We have long recognized that women want, need and even demand more than classic services in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. They yearn for beauty. Women always want to preserve their beauty at any age

This is exactly what we stand out for. We are creative in the field of advanced cosmetic gynecology,
We have certain that we can provide you with advanced cosmetic solutions and high-quality technology that can help you restore the beauty of your genitals and your body shape, and make you regain your sense of femininity and beauty again

Vaginal cosmetic surgery, laser rejuvenation of the vagina, and genital restoration are just a few of the long list of advanced cosmetic procedures that we can offer you, backed by our extensive experience and professional skill gained through many years of practice and deep knowledge.

By redefining the women’s health experience, whether it is in the field of gynecology and general obstetrics or the most elegant plastic ward, we strive to draw a unique experience that you can look forward to, an experience that will not only meet your expectations but surpass it with God Almighty.

my greetings,

Dr. Rashad Haddad

Consultant / French Board in Obstetrics and Gynecology