O-shot PRP Injection

In January 6, 2020 8:13 pm


What Is PRP?
PRP is in the category of regenerative autologous treatments, which mean it comes from your own blood and can stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Platelets are one of the cells in our blood and when activated, they can release growth factors and other proteins

What Benefits Can a Woman Have from the O-Shot?Decreased or completely resolved pain during sex (known as dyspareunia)
Increased ability to have vaginal orgasms
Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
A tighter vaginal canal (if felt to be too loose prior)
A more elastic vaginal canal (if felt to be too tight prior, usually after menopause)
Younger, smoother skin externally (lips of the vagina)
Decreased or resolved overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence
Stronger and more frequent orgasms
Increased vaginal lubrication